Random Information

Tux4Kids - Projects

a collection of free software including drawing, math, and typing with simple interface.

Learn it in 5- Technology training videos , includes how to use Flip camera, Diigo etc.

WatchKnow- Videos for students to learn from, organized.

Google Extension for Chrome!  Now if you have to use Explorer for some pages, you don't have to open a different browser.  Since I am a big Chrome fan now I am very excited, especially since our county's webpage only really works with Explorer!

Mouse Mischief - allows all students to interact using their mouse from desks in power point.  tracks students answers and who answers first while teaching.  fabulous

Tech Training Wheels- site created to show teachers how to use google "stuff"

The Power Users Guide to Windows-guide to efficiently using Windows 7 taskbar

Google Search Tips

Free SmartNotebook Training