Access and Assistive Technology

Shiny Learning Free Switch Accessible Activities- basic online games that are accessible by switch, some are age appropriate for older students.

Adapted Books and Access Training activities from Learning Tools- different activities to for students who have access needs.

Hiya- Free switch software, addresses basic skills in various areas including literacy, numbers, behavior and community functioning

Sensory Software Dwell Clicker-  Free software that automatically clicks if cursor dwells over link.

AccessAppsLearnAppsTeachApps, My Study Bar-  This series of downloadable FREE (that is right, you heard me..FREE) apps are absolutely wonderful and more useful than many programs that can be purchased.

AAC KeysAAC Keys is a keyboard and mouse emulation program for Microsoft Windows-based and Macintosh computers.  AAC Keys receives commands through your computer's serial port and translates them into keystrokes and mouse moves, giving you full control of your computer from another device. 

Ergonomic Keyboards Mice, Smartfish- keyboard adjusts itself to your typing motion and adjusts itself while you type.

AirMouse- mouse that is worn on your hand as a glove

WebAnywhere- screen reader requires no special software to be installed on the client machine and, therefore, enables blind people to access the web from any computer they happen to have access to that has a sound card
ClickCutter- freeware that cuts down on the time and clicks required when doing research on Internet.

Emotive- This is a computer access method that uses a persons thoughts to control the computer. can be used for controlling an electric wheelchair, mind-keyboard, or playing a hands-free game. Not free, but sooo cool.

Enable Viacam (aka eViacam)-is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera. No additional hardware is required. Based on the award winning Facial Mouse software.

Point-N-Click - FREE stand-alone on-screen virtual mouse designed for anyone with a disability that makes it difficult or impossible to click a physical computer mouse. As long as they can move a mouse, trackball or other pointing device, they can send mouse clicks to virtually any Windows application or DOS application that can run within a window and even many that are full screen.

OpenEyes-toolkit for low cost eye tracking

ITU Gaze Tracker - an open-source gaze tracking application that aims to provide a low-cost alternative to commercial gaze tracking systems and to make this technology more accessible.

Wii Remote Ideas-this site has different ideas on how to adapt the wii remote for access

FreeTrack is a free optical motion tracking application for Microsoft Windows, released under the GNU General Public License. 

Facial Mouse is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera.

eyes free- speech enabled android application

DUO incorporates next generation technology to convert almost any laptop or computer LCD into a touch screen with full tablet functionality

CURB CUTSAssistive Technology on TV- video of people using different types of Assistive Technology

CAP- Computer/ Electronics Accommodations Program browse Assistive Technology Options.

Assistive Tech Net- The National Public Website on Assistive Technology

AbilityNet GATEAssistive Technology Wiki.  Great Resource

One Hand Typing and Keyboards- site discusses options for students with keyboard access difficulties and gives options of materials to be purchased.

E-Grips- non slip strips