History and English

The Flow of History- Website that provides text, mulitmedia, and flowcharts to help students see and remember the connections and importance of historical events.

Interactive Folio Romeo and Juliet- The text with definitions, explanations, images and video embedded links.

Critical Past- a collection of video and images from different moments in history.

Enchanted Palace- interactive website taking reader through Kensington Palace.  Very simple language and clear directions.

Debating Emancipation- interactive that examines issues that faced the president and country when debating emancipation.

Best of History web sites- an EdTechTeacher.org resource history games and animations

Finishing the Dream- videos and pics from to help learn from the Civil Rights Era

SepiaTown- view and share mapped historical images from around the world

Our Story- American History Stories and Activities

My Audio School- "My Audio School exists to provide children with excellent audio content on a variety of school subjects in a format that they can easily use all by themselves."

Discovery Channel Top 25 Greatest American- pictures and links to write ups on American Icons and leaders.

Our Courts- 21st Century Civics - interactive lessons on civics and law.

Historical Scene Investigation- explore interactive historical crime scenes

The Brick Testament- have to include this on my list..the bible told with simple language and legos.  Can be a little graphic...but it is Legos...

Museum of Online Museums- a great collection of a large number of on-line museums, some a lot of fun.

Footnote- collections of historical documents

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History- lessons, interactives, and documents