Math and Science

Easel ipad App- algebra and SAT prep app for iPad.  Looks very interesting

Planet Orange-designed to help elementary school students develop money skills

Sumdog- Free math games designed to improve numeracy

CAST Science Writer- excellent resource to walk students through a science report writing process.

plus maths- real life application of math problems

KhanAcademy Library-  large collection of online video tutorials.

LearnerTV- video lessons for math and science

Interactive Numbers Board- 100 board that will also show numbers in decimals and negatives.

Tessellatio Creator

Webmath- from Discovery Education is a great resource that covers math concepts from kindergarten through trig and calculous.

MathMovesU- game based math skills resource

Playing Fraction Pies- connects fractions and equivalency to reading music

SeeingMath- series of interactive software dowloads designed to clarify algebra ideas

Math Movies- applies math to real life scenerios through games and movies

Design Science Resources for Math on the Web- a collection of math resources and links that can be found on the internet

edustock- site that teaches about the stock market, how it works, and how to choose stock.

Tools for Understanding-resouces for secondary school teachers who teach math

Interactivate- a collection of activities and lesson plans that encompass a wide range of math skills

Screen Clock- an onscreen clock that  students can manipulate hands to show time.

Time for Time- website that focus on teaching time materials and on-line activities

Math Mania- Study guides, online and printable activities of basic math facts and concepts.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives-  Designed for grades Pre-k - 2 an excellent collection of online math manipulatives such as clocks, spinners, attribute blocks.

KidsNumbers-  a collection of interactive games and worksheet generators that work on basic skills from addition to algebra.

Journey In Time- a lovely resource devoted to time, including history, types of clocks, how clocks work etc.

BBC education Snapdragon Set the Clock- students have to set the time on the clock, would be great for a smartboard activity

ClipArt Clock Menu- Clipart ETC online service of Florida's Educational Technical Clearning house

On-Line Stop Watch- a number of different timers, clocks and stopwatches

Creating Mathmatics inside Microsoft Word- directions on how to use tools available in Word for Math

MathCast Library- a wikki with fabulous interactive activities and tutorials

Math Playground- skill focused for Middle and Elementary Students

Shopping Math- elementary math, money focused.

Go Figure- Elementary skill building interactive

Math Live- interactive real life explanations of math concepts, teacher tools and assessments built in

Math TV- video of teachers teaching High School level math

JR Screen Ruler- online ruler

XP Math Games- many interactive games, lesssons and teacher recources

Caluculating with Fractions- interactive fraction examples and explanations

MathsFun- large amount of interactive activities and examples from numbers to algebra

Think Math- variety of math resources

Homework Help- Math, SAT ACT help

Book of Odds- fun website based on odds, good for probability

MathTrain-Student created math videos