Augmentative Communication

AAC Institute- Non-profit dedicated to most effective communication for people who rely  on Aug Com.

Visual Recipe Resources from Teaching Learners with Multiple Needs- list of recipe resources, some free some not, that incorporate pictures.

Picture Planner- Icon Based personal organizer

Isaac-International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Tobii S32- new device from Tobii, prices seem comparable to other similar devices

Communication Boards for Students with Disabilities- from Indistructables website, instructions on how to make simple communication board.

SymbolWorld- a website from the UK that uses symbols and text for students with cognative disabilities.  Current events, stories, and curriculum sections

International Society for Augmentative Alternative Communication- Organization that is focused on sharing information and ideas regarding Aug Com and Alternative Com.

Askability- symbol based site by The Children's Society with current events, recreational resources, and fun stuff!