E-Text, Interactive and Adapted Books

Interactive Folio Romeo and Juliet- The text with definitions, explanations, images and video embedded links.

Ebooks and Etexts Archive- collection of text and links to sites that have text.

AnyBook Reader- record pages of books in your own voice on stickers to be activated with the Reader.  Looks great for younger students.

Progressive Phonics- Free phonics instruction with printables and on-line activities

EPub Bud- a site that lets you create books to publish for use on an ipad.

Visual Dictionary- Wonderful collection of graphics along with word definitions.

MeeGenius-  Online stories that can be personalized.  Also has iphone, ipad apps.

StoryKit- App for Iphone, Ipad, and Itouch.  Designed for creating Digital Stories.

Digital Story Telling 4 Everybody

MERLOT Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and On-line Teaching

FriedBeef's Tech list of 7 places to Download Free E-Textbooks

Librovox Audio Books- recording of books in the public domain-all audio. updated often.

Epub Books- thanks to iLearn technology, this is a collection of free books for e-book readers

Weekly Reader Ablenet Edition- this is not free, but looks really interesting!

SET Special Education Technology British Columbia- nice collection of books in various different formats

Browser Books- books that can be accessed through the web browser

Children's Storybooks On-Line- Illustrated books for various ages, some with audio support.  Lovely.

Tar Heel Reader- Wonderful resource for creating adapted books or if you are looking for something already made.

CAST UDL editions- good examples of how to adapt text AND don't forget about UDL Book Builder for making your own.

Tumble Book Library- amazing collection of on line children's books.

StoryLine On-Line- Online stories read by actors.  Very enjoyable.

NYC Department of Education Adapted Books-This site has books in a variety of formats including Boardmaker (must have program to run) on a wide range of topics that would be appropriate for learners from K-12.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh My StoryMaker-Fun way for students to create own books.  They can move the characters and assign them actions, the program writes the story.  This cannot be done independently with non-readers but would be very fun as a collaborative project or as a SmartBoard/SmartTable activitiy.

Story Maker Myths and Legends- You can read one of the already made stories or make your own.  Audio Support available for most stories.

Very Emergent Readers Bookshop- this site is exactly what is says, a place to download printable materials for emergent and not so emergent readers.

StoryBird- a great place for you to create on-line stories or read stories that others have written.  Graphic choices are fabulous.

On-Line Bookshelf- a collection of adapted book sites.

The Art of Storytelling The Delaware Art Museum- this site uses are as inspiration for people to write.  I particularly like the Picture a Story section where students can follow a template to create a story and record it when they are finished.

MSNucleaus Storybooks- free storybooks that teach science, very appropriate for students with more intense cognitive disabiliites.

Beowolf for Beginners- Beowolf told in a way that is much easier to understand

The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling University of Houston- a resource that gives examples of and takes you through the process of using Web2.0 applications to create digital stories.

Tikatok- site where kids can create their own books

StoryJumper- site that gives different tools and support as you write your own stories

Wired For Books- Fabulous group of text and audio books

Leading to Reading- from reading is fundamental, activities focused on birth to preschool age students.